Freshly milled Yew boards

Hardwood prices

These are the main species we aim to stock.

We won't always have all these species as it depends what we have been able to source locally and if it is fully seasoned (dried).

All prices are per cubic foot.  For guidance on calculating how many cubic feet in a board see the bottom of this page.

Wide boards (over 10 inches/250mm) of some species have a 15% price uplift.

VAT at 20% will be added to all prices below.

Beech with spalting£30
Cedar of Lebanon£30
Oak standard grade up to 2 inches thick£35
Oak joinery grade up to 2 inches thick£45
Oak standard grade over 2 inches thick£45
Oak joinery grade over 2 inches thick£58
Oak brown£45
Oak pippy£50
Oak burry £60
Sweet Chestnut£30

Please remember you have to buy the whole of a board; so for example even though you may only need a piece 1.2m long and 215mm wide, if the board you select is 2.4m long and 280mm wide this is what the price will be based on.

Calculate price of a board

Measure the piece of timber in inches.  Multiply the length by the width by the thickness – this will give you the number of cubic inches.  Divide this figure by 1728 and this is the number of cubic feet.  

For example a board 7 feet long (84 inches) and 8 inches wide and 2 inches thick is 1344 cubic inches.  1344 divided by 1728 is 0.77 cubic feet – or to put it another way just over three quarters of a cubic foot.

To actually arrive at the price for the board, multiply the number of cubic feet by the price per cubic foot (0.77 X £25 in our example) then add 20% VAT (our example gives a final price of £23.10).